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concave_smoke_d53f43f0-6ad9-4593-a3d5-79bf57698992_large69mm Roundhouse Concave Wheels
The need for grip has never been more important than in surfskate, where you rely on the traction of the wheels to fully lean into carves and cutbacks.

Roundhouse Concave Wheels give you extra projection out of your turns so you can complete maneuvers you’d otherwise slide out on. The key to this design is the concave riding surface which, when under weight, produces an hourglass-shaped contact patch. This increases the surface area and pushes the lip into the ground, creating more grip than ever before while maintaining

consistent roll speed. These are the grippiest wheels you’ll ever ride!

Specs: 69mm x 52mm, and are a soft 78a.

65mm Roudhouse Radial Wheels

These 65mm wheels have the perfect combination of grip and slide properties. The 81A durometer urethane grips the road exceptionally well, but the rounded lip provides a nice breakaway point for slides and speed scrubbing. The center-set bearings allow you to rotate your wheels for even wear, extending their usable life.



65mm Roudhouse Radial Wheels, 69mm Roundhouse Concave Wheels