Slide Fish Tuna 32 " Surfskate Boards




Slide Surfskate 是一款專門為衝浪者所設計的滑板, 他有一支可以旋轉的前輪支架!

衝浪的人時常用滑板來練習與模凝衝浪的動作與路線, 但是傳統的滑板支架旋轉角度太小, 練習衝浪動作時費力又不夠流暢, 所以我們需要一款專門的衝浪滑板! 這就是Slide Surfskate 的設計理念! 這是最適合衝浪者使用的滑板, 可以輕鬆練習在浪壁上所需要駕馭的技巧以及矯正不必要的動作, 在台灣衝浪一道浪大都衝不到十秒鐘, 但是您可以用Slide Surfskate隨時隨地練習衝浪動作! 大幅度的加速衝浪進步的空間~

你不能把海浪帶走, 但是你可以帶走Slide Surfskate~

The Fish Tuna 32 “is as the name implies a classic surfboard shape with kicktail. In addition to the functional design, it also shines in terms of appearance. With 81cm, the fish is not quite as aggressive in the driving style and yet it is agile like a … erh tuna.

Tuna is -spoiler- the Spanish word for tuna. Carving and cruising, even for longer distances is quite possible. As with all Slide models, the new New Wave axes make it possible to achieve a respectable speed right out of the box.

The comfortable width ensures a secure footing even on larger shoes. On the board (and not next to it)

Deck: 81,2cm x 24,6cm

Material: 7 Lagen kanadisches Ahorn

Vorderachse: Slide Surfskatetruck 165 mm

Hinterachse: 165mm Aluminium poliert

Räder: Slide schwarz. 70mm x 51mm / 83A

Lager: ABEC 7




Black Marble, Dark Weapon, Fire, Mini Malibu, Red Lines, Salty Fish, Snapper