Surfco Proteck Performance/power Flex Thruster Set (Fcs/Futures)


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Performance Fins have a rigid core that creates good drive and projection off bottom turns and cutbacks. The combination of the flexible edges and rigid core will help to make your board ride smoother, faster, and easier to turn. This will allow you to surf better, reduce fin injuries, and add more fun to the sport of surfing!

Available in black with smoke edge and white with white tint edge.

Power Flex is a Pro Teck Fin with a medium core flex.

The smoke colored edge fin bends on turns, and then springs back, creating forward thrust similar to a swim fin. The medium flex core and flexible trailing edge makes the board turn smooth and fluid, with continuous speed. Power Flex Fins are recommended for intermediate to professional surfers.


  • Size:4.25 -S /4.50 – M
  • 駕乘時轉彎時將彎曲,然後彈回,產生向前推力
  • 安全舵設計 平穩的穩定性 有連續的續航力
  • 適用初學者至進階者
  • Performance 有4.25 黑色 FUTURES系統
  • Performance有4.50 黑色 FCS 系統




4.25 FUTURES, 4.50 FCS, 4.50 PF/FUTURES