Aloha Frankesled XF 5’8

NT$25,300 NT$14,800

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  • Size : 5’8 “x 19 1/4 x 2 3/8″ 27L   Tail Shape Flyer Round Tail Fin System Latest FCS 2 5 Fin Plug 【Tri Quad Specification】 
  • FRANKESLED Frankie thread is a perfect all-round board condensed into one model by combining several designs. Delicate thin outline, delicate locker, performance rail are all fused completely perfectly. Massey Shore Break, Performance in both conditions in solid tube wave. Frankie thread is characterized by sufficient buoyancy and free feeling by nose design like “bird’s beak" of the 1980s. Another classic 80’s characteristic is in the flyer round tail, narrowing the width of the tail part. Plus the bottom design of single to double concave to this tail design, it enables a tighter arc turn, enhancing acceleration performance and reactivity.
  • For beginners, we recommend a size that is 1 inch shorter than the normal use board for the same length, intermediate level, advanced level as normal use. Returned or exchanged after ordering can not be accepted, please understand in advance.
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