1. Surfer Inn is a surf shop which awarded Yi-Lan City Safety Certification , English  Certification, and also with lifeguards.
  2. Insured with beach and sea insurance 6 million public accident liability insurance.
  3. The coaches have great surfing experience and standards in Taiwan and abroad. They also have ISA professional surfing guide certification (International Surfing Association, Australia), and long-term training or sponsoring players to become national.
  4. The surfboards for renting or teaching are available in various sizes, which can be allocated according to the height, weight, weight and ability.
  5. We also have professional analysis by wave conditions which will take you to the most suitable beach for surfing. (mainly during the northeast monsoon)










Rental & Lessons           (contains rash-guard, wet-suit and free shower)  
500.NT / 1 board
4 boards get 10% off
5 boards get 20% off
Body board
One by one lesson 1800 / person
Group lesson(two or three people gather together with ONE coach)
Two by one lesson
Totally $2400.NT$ and 1200.NT per person.
Three by one lesson Totally $3000.NT and $1000.NT per person.

(Four to six people lesson with TWO coaches)
Four people lesson: Totally $4600.NT and $1150.NT per person
Five people lesson: Totally $4900.NT and $980.NT per person
Six people lesson: Totally $5400.NT and $900.NT per person




Standard lessons included:

    1.Basic teaching about 15 minutes on the beach.
    2. 2 hours teaching for surfing in the sea.
    3. 2.5 millions travel insurance.
    4. The surfboard is used for all day.(7am-6pm) Enjoy summer beach shades, tables and chairs for surfboards, teaching and accommodation, and enjoy 10% discount on in-store purchases.
  • Standard  lessons include:
  • 2.5 hours lesson,  wetsuits, insurance, surfboard rental one whole day, a rest area on the beach and  free hot showers after surfing.



Lesson content:

  • Coastal flow
  • Risk of being hit by a surfboard
  • Basic introduction of Beidi Beach
  • Everyday’s wave



Surfing Rules:

Type of waves introduction

  • Surfing order
  • Surf culture


Surfing Basics and Skills:

  • Introduction of surfboard
  • Basic skills




  • How to take the board
  • Paddling
  • Entering the surfing area
  • Kneeling with white spray
  • Standing with white spray





Sign Up:

  1. Try to register before two days ago, and confirm the time and numbers of people to arrange the coach, and start the course before 7:00 in the morning.
  2. If we meet a strong northeast monsoon or a typhoon, we canceled the lessons.
  3. Please bring your own swimsuit, sunscreen, and towel. And please wear disposable lenses and prepare another one in case.
  4. Physical fitness is the foundation of any exercise. We hope that the students will exercise spontaneously in the first and second weeks before the lessons.

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