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Reserve a surfing lesson or rent a board to create unforgettable memories in Taiwan.


Surfboard rental and surfing lesson





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Fiberglass surfboard options

About us:

  1. Surfer Inn is located in the lively Wai’ao surf street, one minute away from the sandy beach, wave point and beautiful turtle island view.
  2. Professional surfing lesson with ISA proved instructors (International Surfing Association, Australia)
  3. All kinds of surfboards for rental choices, provide you with suitable surfboards according to your height, weight, and ability.
  4. Experienced wave analysis, offer service taking you to nearby ideal beaches for surfing (mainly during the northeast monsoon)

Surfboard Rental:

How to Sign Up:
  1. Lesson can be booked from 7:00- 15:00, please try to reserve two days before.
  2. If we meet a strong northeast monsoon or a typhoon, the lesson will be canceled.
  3. Please bring your swimsuit, sunscreen, and towel. And please wear disposable lenses and prepare extra one in case.
  4. Physical fitness is the foundation of any exercise. We hope that the students will exercise spontaneously in the first and second weeks before the lessons.
Rental price & lesson price:
Surfboard Rental (including surfboard, rash guard, hot shower, wetsuit $100)
Surfboard Rental Each surfboard costs $600 (Include a hot shower ticket, a rash guard, and a sunshade when rent more than two surfboards.
Bodyboard Rental Each bodyboard costs $350 (Include a hot shower ticket)
Sunshade Rental Each sunshade costs $300 (Include a hot shower ticket)


Group Surf Lesson (including instructor, Insurance, surfboard, rash guard, hot shower, wetsuit $100)
Small Group   One-Three Person with One Instructor Medium Group Four-Six Person with Two Instructor Large Group  Seven-Nine Person with Three Instructor
1 on 1 $2400 2 on 4 $6200 3 on 7 $9950
1 on 2 $3100 2 on 5 $6850 3 on 8 $10600
1 on 3 $3750 2 on 6 $7500 3 on 9 $11250

What’s included in the surfing lesson?

  1. 15 minutes basic knowledge on the beach.
  2. 1.5 hours teaching on surfing in the sea.
  3. 5 millions travel insurance.
  4. Surfboards, and tables are offered for whole day.
  5. 10% off discount on in-store purchase.